August Wrap-up / September TBR

Wrap-up posts are my favorite because they let me reflect on my reading progress for the month! Just for fun, I’ve also decided to hash out all of my reading stats for those who are just as interested in numbers as me!

August Reading Stats

Number of books read: 5 (I think this is my typical average, but also admit that 2 of the 5 are comics, which are significantly shorter)

Number of pages read: 1883

Average rating: 3.25 / 5 Stars

Number of books dnf: 0 (good reading month?…or sadistic?)

Genres: autobiography, contemporary, epic fantasy

August Books

Here are the 5 books and I finished in August 2021!

Favorites: Concrete Rose, A Promised Land

Avoid at all costs: White Sand #2 (somehow #2 was even worse than #1)

New author: Mhairi McFarlane – I love the way she writes about her characters! They’re hilarious and quirky!

September TBR

Last month, I hoped to hit at least 50% of my TBR. And guess what? I only completed two books on my TBR. I think September is going to be a strong reading month for me because I have already finished 2 books and I have a couple of other books lined up.

Let me know if you have read any of these and which of these you think I should tackle first! Again, the goal of the month is to knock out 3/6 books, but hopefully more!

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